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Out of the Closets, Into the Streets: Gay Liberation photography 1971-1973 at Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne

1. Phillip Potter. Gay is Good,1971, printed 2014

Digital C type print on Kodak Endura Matte
© Phillip Potter

 2. Phillip Potter. Queens, 1971

3. Ponch Hawkes.Gay Liberation march, Russell Street, Melbourne. Melbourne, 1973

4. Rennie Ellis.The Kiss, Gay Pride Week, Melbourne 1973. Silver gelatin photograph. © Rennie Ellis

5. Barbara Creed.Julian Desaily and Peter McEwan in the back of a VW Combi van, Melbourne. Melbourne, c. 1971-73. Digital C type print on Kodak Endura Matte. © Barbara Creed

6. John Englart.Dancing with the Hare Krishnas in the Sydney Domain. Sydney, 1973.Digital C type print on Kodak Endura Matte. © John Englart

7, 8 & 9. Anonymous. Graffiti on Melbourne streets.1971-73

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Filmed by Boo George,  the Zara Fall/Winter Menswear 2014 campaign displays the  fashionable mysteries of what this upcoming Fall will bring as the models interact with nature on a totally changed environment that used to be different during summer. The campaign features models Daisuke Ueda (@NewYorkModels), Benjamin Eidem, and Matthew Holt  (@RequestModels).


8:40am // On my way to school, one of the best bike rides I’ve ever had!